Tampa's 5 STAR Rated DJ's and MC's

The DJ is the most important vendor that you will hire for your event or wedding. The DJ/MC is responsible for so much then just playing the “dance music". The DJ is responsible for the flow of the day, the timing of the day, the ambience, the announcements, the entertainment, the organization and is also in charge of making sure that you and your guests have a fun, relaxing and stress free day!

If you have been to any weddings or parties in your lifetime, chances are that some of them were just plain bad! No excitement, no fun, bad music, dead air time, unorganized and chaos! All of this would have been because of the DJ!

Our DJ/MC’s are professionally trained and experienced, combined with natural talent, engaging personality and top of the line equipment. They are loaded with charisma and personality and know how to move seamlessly through your wedding day or special event and make it flow beautifully. They will make everyone have a great time…plain and simple.

There are DJ’s that are $400 or $500 out there… and we warn you to stay clear of these! These guys show up on your big day (sometimes they don’t even do that!) with a pair of $300 speakers and ask you what to do! Nothing is planned, nothing organized, no music chosen, and a disaster is waiting to happen. Sometimes their equipment works, sometimes it doesn’t. You can almost always count on a microphone that is muffled with feedback and signal dropping. This DJ is inexperienced, untrained and uninsured! This is the worst thing you could do for your wedding or event and the fastest way to end up on Youtube under the bad DJ category!!

Celebrations24 is a 5 STAR Rated DJ/MC company with a long trail of happy clients in our rearview mirror. Read our reviews and you will see the difference. We love our job and we treat every event, party or wedding like it is our own family!

When you book our service, you will feel the stress actually leave your body and your comfort level increase almost instantly. We got you... no worries!

Below, you can meet some of our DJ/MC's by watching their short video interviews. All of these videos were filmed by Team Brad!

DJ Scotty Bueno

DJ Scotty Bueno grew up listening to all styles of music due to his mother's influence, from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, to John Denver.
Originally from upstate NY, he moved to Florida to attend college and studied printing and graphic arts. Working for large companies like BIC pens, he moved up the ranks to become the Art department training manager. Today he works as a National Marketing Consultant for the largest marketing company targeting financial professionals. In 1999 he purchased his first drum kit and taught himself how to play drums by listening to Prince cd's on his Sony Walkman. In 2006 he started a band and for 7 years, grew the band and played all over the Tampa Bay area in bars, corporate events and weddings. When the band broke up. DJ Scotty Bueno decided he would become a DJ since he already had most of the equipment needed. He taught himself how to DJ. And one of his friends from a different band booked him to DJ his daughter's wedding. That started it all. DJ Scotty has DJ’ed countless events... weddings, corporate events, private parties, and church events. He has used his organizational skills from the corporate world, his love of music and singing, and the passion for being part of a bride and grooms most anticipated day of their lives to become one of the Tampa Bay area's most requested DJ's. He is committed to insuring that their day is organized, and that they and their guests, have the time of their lives.

D.J Eladio Linarte

DJ Eladio, born in Nicaragua, Central America and raised in Connecticut, is fully bi-lingual in Spanish & English.
Graduated high school, and immediately signed up for the United States Marine Corp, which he proudly served for 6 years with an honorable discharge. The Marine Corp. taught him many things about life, dedication, caring attitude, commitment to excellence, discipline and a sense of urgency; all of which he practices in his everyday life and to is career as a professional DJ/Emcee for over 25 years.
With music in his DNA, he was introduced to becoming a DJ, the love and attraction was instant! Setting his sights on learning how to mix, and how to properly speak on a mic has paid dividends in acquiring a unique set of skills that would set him apart from all the rest and joined the ranks of some of the top Wedding and event DJs today.
With an appreciation and love for music the sights were now set to learn about the many different genres/cultures of music; American from the 1920’s all the way to todays POP, Hip Hop, R & B, Rock, Country, Top 40 Dance, Jazz & Classic Standards just to name a few. But Eladio also will not shy away from any challenges and has several years of experience with Italian & Greek weddings, Asian, Island, Jewish traditional events, middle eastern and traditional Indian weddings! Young, or older, small intimate weddings and events to large scale productions either way the bar is always set high to give the best outcome and experience to every customer. That is always the goal!! But in order to reach these goals at every event, Eladio has great sense of visualizing your event- his Motto- “Planning is Everything”! with a knack for planning and communicating effectively, he applies and shares all his knowledge with every client to ensure that he learns all their likes and dislikes, and is always ready to jump in and lend a hand.
Aside of the love for music, weddings & events……
Eladio is an outdoorsman, loves gardening, is a self-taught, self-proclaim chef- …Loves to cook, family and all animals!!

DJ Kelly

Kelly discovered and started the art of DJ at the turn of the century. In the last two decades, he has mastered mixing and held various residencies in very popular night clubs in several regions in the country. Kelly, has transitioned his skills behind the turntables in to wedding and corporate events.

Along with his passion for DJing, Kelly has a career in biomedical engineering and has been a field service engineer since graduating college. Those skills have been applied to the A/V portion of the DJ business.

DJ/MC Vinny

Over the past fifteen years, Vinny Liotta has performed at hundreds of weddings for the most discerning clientele in both NY and Florida.
Blending his deep knowledge of music, background in public speaking, detailed wedding planning skills, and energetic personality-Vinny has a rare mix of abilities that has made him one of the most sought after wedding entertainers in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

DJ Bill

A Tampa native. Bill's childhood musical experience was largely Baptist hymns, listening and singing in church 3 times a week.
He grew to love different genres of music at different phases of his life - classic rock, hip hop, and a shorter phase of country. In his DJ career, he has broadened his knowledge of music, including Latin music, older and more obscure music, and even some metal, among other genres.
His former career as an Engineer in project management with a large energy company gave him experience creating and managing timelines and he often facilitated 4 hour meetings with his superiors and customers. His mantra is to prepare and communicate and to be very aware of and adaptive to situations as they come up.
A niche skill is tuning karaoke singers as Bill knows how to make each singer sound their best Continually working with karaoke singers has taught him to keep himself minimized and bring positive attention and energy to others.
Aside from DJ life, Bill likes to kayak the rivers and lakes in the area.